Our Staff

Below is a list of who's who in our school.....


Joint Headteachers: Mrs E. Sanderson and Mrs J. Whiteley





Mrs S. Lees  EYFS  Leader of Learning and F1 Teacher
Miss J. Pell  F2 Teacher and Sendco

        Mrs L. Hale         F2 Teacher

           Mrs J. Walsh              PPA Teacher 

Nursery Nurse

 Mrs A. Brown F2

Mrs A. Rushworth F2

 Mrs S. Eastwood F2

    Mrs S. O’Neil FS1  

     Mrs G. Ward FS1  

   Mrs R. Sung FS1




      Mr D. Gledhill           KS1 Leader of Learning, Mathematics Lead and Class 3 Teacher 


    Miss L.Milner        Class 1 Teacher 


       Miss C. Smith         Class 2 Teacher


     Miss D. Smith       Y1 Teacher and PPA Teacher 


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs T. Goodyear

Mrs A. Guest

Mrs F. Severn

Mrs D. Symons


       Mrs R. Twist       LKS2 Leader of Learning, Reading Lead and Class 5 Teacher

Miss A. Butterwood    Class 4 Teacher


 Mrs R. Gollick    Class 6 Teacher and Sendco


   Mrs N. Cooper           KS2 PPA Teacher


Learning Support Assistants 

Mrs J. Bent

Mr M. Simpson

Miss R. Shaw



          Miss J. Stanley      UKS2 Leader of Learning  (Mon -Tues)  Writing Lead    and Class 9 Teacher   


           Mrs T. Smith              UKS2 Leader of Learning, Class 7 Teacher (Wed - Fri)


            Mrs C. Belfield               Class 8 Teacher


              Mrs G. Webb                    Class 7 Teacher (Mon - Tues)

Learning Support Assistants 

Mrs E. Brayshaw

Mrs A. Raynes

Mrs J. Walton



KS2 Modern Foreign Language 

Mrs C. Szymczyk  teaches Spanish to all         KS2 children         (Mon - Tues)

Instrument Tuition

Mr  A. Holmes teaches to brass to all Y5


Mr K. Ramskill teaches percussion to all Y6


Mrs H. Caldwell teaches clarinet and flute to individual children across school

Office Staff

Additional Support Staff

School Meals Supervisory Assistants

Premises Management Team

     Mrs J. Boreham     Business Manager

Mrs J. Barlow

Mrs N. Hyko

        Mr P. Gorner          PE Support


    Mrs L. Midgley        Parent Support Advisor


 Mrs S. Walch  Learning Mentor


 Mrs Nicola Fowler, Educational Welfare Officer 

      Mrs A. Raynes        Senior Supervisor

Mrs J. Allott 

Ms D. Gillott

Ms L.Gillott

Miss T. Raynes

Mrs J. Sagar

Miss S. Taylor

Mrs M. Hinchliff

Mrs A, Harris

Miss L. Hunter

Mrs S. Kilner

Mrs T. Quinn

Mrs I. Radionowa



      Mr S. Vajai         Premises Manager

Mrs B. Clinton

Miss M. Ellis

Mrs A. Raynes

Ms A. Sutcliffe