Welcome to key stage 2.

Read all about what we have been learning.

Maths learning morning

We would like to say an enormous thank you to all of those parents who came to join us in our maths learning morning today. It was fantastic to see you. The children love to show you what they are learning and just how good they are at maths. We were using all our maths skills to work out the price of holidays, our shoe sizes and ages.

Maths is magical!

Year 5 children have been learning to play percussion instruments every week. Their skills are improving every week (and they love it).

In maths, Class 5 have explored the fascinating world of Roman Numerals. We worked as a whole class to create a clock using only roman numerals. Did you know roman numerals were carved in stone? This is why all of the numerals have straight edges so that they are easier to  carve. We have had so much fun and the children really enjoyed our practical lesson about making these numbers. What brilliant numbers they are!

In Class 5 we have been using our scientist skills to look at the components of blood within the human circulatory system. In groups, we made blood using different equipment to better understand the cells within the blood. Red blood cells, plasma, platelets and white blood cells really are incredible. What fun we had!

This term, in our science lessons, class 8 have been learning all about the human body and the different systems such as the skeletal system, circulatory system, nervous system and the respiratory system. Whilst looking at the respiratory system, we decided to carry out an experiment on lung capacity. To do this, every children took one deep breath and blew up a balloon. We then measured the balloon in cm to see which child in class 8 had the biggest lung capacity. However, when completing a science experiment, it is really important to make it as fair as possible so this is something as a class, that we really had to think about. After the experiment, we then wrote it up in our topic books. ...

Miss Stanley's maths set have been learning to order fractions. In order to do this, we have found it easier to convert fractions in to decimals and then order them. We played the game three in a row and we really enjoyed playing it. Here are some photos to show off our amazing learning.

Class 7 thoroughly enjoyed making 'blood' yesterday.


We used: pineapple juice, marshmallows, strawberries and sprinkles to represent the four components of our blood.


We learnt that most of our blood (55%) is made up of plasma, which is mostly water but also contains nutrients, hormones and proteins. 


We also found fascinating blood facts to record in our topic books. 

Did you know 2-3 million red blood cells are made every second in the bone-marrow? 


Pester Power- Class Four have been learning about the 'Art of Persuasion' in Literacy.

Class Four have been making 3D shapes. Can you name them? They have also been playing 'Shape Guess Who?'

After an exhausting PE session learning new football skills Class 7 were able to relax and enjoy reading a book in the library.

All of our hard work planting and tending our vegetable patch has paid off!

Class 6  have visited our school library for the first time this term. GETTING HOOKED ON A BOOK IS BRILLIANT. 

In PE we are learning loads of new football skills with Mr Gorner. This week we have been practicing our turns.