Class of the Week 2019-20


Class 4 and F2 have both demonstrated that they are super learners this week. Keep up the good work and congratulations on receiving the Class of the Week trophy!

This week Mrs Belfield has been super impressed during her time in Class 1 and Mr Gledhill also felt Class 5's efforts were worthy of the Class of the Week trophy!

Class 3 and Class 6 have both impressed in their learning and behaviour this week. Congratulations on being awarded Class of the Week!

Class 5 have been outstanding this week and have really impressed everyone.

Class 6 and F2 have both impressed this week and are our first Class of the Week winners of 2020. What a good start to the year!

Congratulations to F2 and Class 4 this week. They have maintained a high work rate and have been trying particularly hard with their writing. What a wonderful way to finish the term!

Class 5 and Class 2 were the recipients of the Class of the Week trophy today. Children in these classes have demonstrated their commitment to learning, modelling good behaviour around school and giving 100% this week. Well done!

Congratulations to Class 8 and FS2 for winning the Class of the Week trophy and a £5 reward!