Learners of the Week and Top Table Diners 2019-20

Congratulations to these super Learners who dined on Top Table today!

With their super attitude to learning, working really hard, being resilient, and progressing their learning, these children more than deserved to be chosen as Learners of the Week.

Super workers, marvellous mathematicians, Read Write Inc stars, wonderful writers and improvements in handwriting were just some of the reasons these children achieved their certificates this week. Well done everyone

Congratulations to all these individuals who today received a Learner of the Week certificate. Marvellous mathematicians, positive attitudes to learning and writing, dance skills in PE, there is no end to their talents!

Our learners of the week have really excelled themselves this week, most of the children were recognised as being outstanding all round learners or fabulous mathematicians.

Our Top Table today was full of superstars as usual today! From amazing mathematicians, to super writers, to fabulous friends. Each and every one of them full deserved their Learner of the Week certificate. Well done everyone!

These children were all very excited to be on Top Table today ahead of receiving their Learners of the Week certificates in assembly. Congratulations to all of them.

There was a common theme on the certificates presented this week. Almost all of them recognised individuals for their positive attitudes to learning which is brilliant. Added to this, our youngest Learners of the Week were recognised for their RWI skills and writing abilities. Well done to everyone!

These amazing Learners of the Week have really demonstrated a wealth of qualities, with brilliant attitudes and subject specific skills. Well done everyone.

Congratulations to these children who were the first to receive a Learner of the Week certificate this week. Lots of positive attitudes, resilience, making new friends and settling into school, not to mention amazing writing in KS1!