Early years games and songs

During our daily activities we often share games and videos to support our learning. This page is a collection of our favourites, please keep checking back as it will be updated regularly.

Big Maths

We know lots of songs that make numbers and shapes fun- here are some of our favourites...

The Number Pairs

1 and 9, 2 and 8, 3 and 7- We're number pairs that make 10.

Can you remember the other pairs? Are there any missing from this song?

The Friends of 10

I know a number, his name is 10. He had a party and invited all his friends...

When you subtract with a Pirate...

When you subtract with a pirate you're always getting less, when you subtract with a pirate, you'll find the difference.

Abby shows Cookie Monster what subtraction is...

We are really enjoying singing stories at the moment- our favourite is Goldilocks. These stories help us to learn about characters, events and story sequence and they're really fun!

Sing along at home...


The Doubles Rap

This is one of our favourites and we sing it a lot to help us with our big maths!



The Chicken Dance

We LOVE Jack Hartman and here he is helping us to form numbers correctly when we are writing.


In the Big Blue Sea

Counting to 10 Song