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Finally- It's oh so quiet, shh, shh, It's oh so still, shh, shh zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Capacity and Measures Outdoors

Today the children have been exploring capacity, distance and estimation. We tried filling balloons with water but it did not work very well so we wanted something a bit bigger so we decided to use rubber gloves. The children selected different sized containers and estimated how many it would take to fill their glove. We had some very good guesses. 

We then wanted to explore distance so the children stood in a line, counted to 3 and threw their gloves. The children then measured the distance with string and compared who was the furthest and shortest away. 

Leading Learning 

We have been so busy in F2 this week applying what we know and using our experiences to lead our own learning. Take a look at the amazing focus and concentration of these two super stars. They created the animal races they had seen at Cannon Hall Farm. They had a dragon teacher to oversee the race and then the animals had to 'line up like we do in PE and then it's a race and you might come first, second or third. Then it goes 5,6,7,8,9,10'

The smaller race was a 'slow race because I don't want my animals to get hurt'


Arts Week in F2

We have been super creative in F2 this week mixing and combining different media and materials to create beautiful art work. Our theme has been based around trees so inside we have been looking at two great artists: Wasily Kandinsky and Gustav Klimt.

The children have explored different media and materials by using ICT to create their own circles and using these to create their tree art work, colour mixing, sewing and wax resist painting. Safe to say we have had lots of fun and created amazing art work. 

Well Done F2! 

Outdoor Creativity and Land Art

During Arts week the children enjoyed painting and creating outside and large scale. The work of Richard Shilling really inspired our creations. 

Amazing Attitude

This young man has amazed us today with his super efforts in writing. He created a picture on the computer and was so excited to tell everyone about it. We worked together to think about the words and letters he would need to write after his Venom and Spider-Man picture he then went on to make another picture and tried really hard to write more words. 

Well Done! 

Magnetic Investigations

These children have been really busy today investigating magnets. They thought about what the word magnetic and they tested their ideas inside and out. Mrs Sung then took some of the children to the school library to find information books about magnets. The children found some different experiments using magnets, objects, sand and water. The children were fascinated that they could move magnetic objects in a water tray and detect them in the sand.

Happy Easter

A big thank you to all the children and their grown ups for creating fantastic painted eggs and bonnets.

They were all amazing!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter break.

Hocus Pocus Writing

This week the children had lots of fun creating potions and exploring different smells and textures of herbs and plants. The children worked super hard in applying their Read Write Inc knowledge to write their ingredients list, labels and methods. 

Today we had a very special visitor in our setting. Jane Hewitt is an amazing photographer, author, teacher and artist!

Jane knows our setting well and has taken pictures before that featured in a book about outdoor learning. We asked Jane if she would help us to create some fantastic new canvas prints for the walls in F1 and F2. She came today to take some stunning pictures of our children busy learning inside and out. 

Thank you Jane we love the samples you have sent us so far, you really have captured some moments to treasure.

Fantastic focus and independent work this week form this amazing young lady. She finished the week by writing her own sentence to go with her picture 'I am going to the shop'.

You have knocked our socks off, keep up the good work.

Stories and Technology

This week we have been super busy! We have been learning about different types of technology and what we can use them for. The children have really enjoyed telling their favourite stories and also creating their own. We have created story strips by taking photos and printing them out, recorded puppet shows using the recoding button on the camera and also used different iPad apps to retell and make stories.

The Results

This afternoon the F2 children went outside to check on their experiment.... the water had turned to ice and had frozen all the objects inside! The children think it must have been really, really cold to freeze all the different containers filled with water.  

We decorated the trees with our ice blocks and they look fab, the children enjoyed spotting the different objects that they could see when they were hanging from the trees.

Our next experiment now is to see if they will stay frozen over the weekend and still be hanging on the tree on Monday when we come back.

Winter Wonderland

The F2 children have been fascinated with the changes they have seen outside today. We were amazed by the frosty spiderwebs and the ice flakes on the fence. 

We decided to carry out a little experiment today. The children think that water will turn to ice because it is "freezing and really, really cold", we filled different containers with water and added different natural objects. (Will it still freeze with things in the water?)

We are testing how cold it gets overnight and we are hoping it freezes the water with objects inside. We added some string so if it freezes we can hang them on the tree to make tree decorations.

Watch this space to find out the results. 

Bird Spotters

This week we have been learning to look after our environment, especially the birds. The children have been really interested in finding out about birds and what we can do to look after them.

We looked for clues where the birds might go, the children found some really good clues like nests, feathers and bird poo! We then decided where the good spots would be to put food. Everyday we have been checking the food and it has been great to see that the birds have been eating it! 

We are looking forward to bird watching with our binoculars and learning about the different types of birds that visit us.

This has sparked lots of questions from the children and we have been using information books and the Internet to answer our questions. Did you know that birds don't trump!


We really have had a whirlwind of a learning week. We have been exploring story telling and imaginative play using puppets- watch this space for more of that next week! We have been deepening our understanding of numbers by adding together and sharing amounts. We have been ordering numbers from 0-10 and then beyond. We have been using what we know about shape, space and measure to create very large paper creations, and we didn't give up until we had achieved what we set out to do.

Some very new friendships have developed and it makes us proud to see just how confident you are all becoming.

Keep it up F2 we are very proud of you all.

We have been busy making our own books in F2 this week and this young man wanted to make a number book. He hadn't finished before lunch time and carried on independently when he came back from break. He kept writing until he got all the way up to 100. No numbers around to help him he was just a super star. Well done we are very proud of you. 

2D Shape Hunting 

We had great fun keeping warm and shape hunting outside this week. We discovered that 2D shapes really are everywhere. Have a look at some of the pictures we took of our friends with the iPads, which shapes can you spot?

Happy 2019 

We were all so excited to be back at school. We have worked together to make our own games, we have created story maps on the large whiteboards together. One young man spent a very long time creating his own lolly stick robot. We've continued to use our winter themed sparkly play dough to create pictures and snowmen, but it hasn't made it snow yet! 

The F1 children have had a very busy half term. It started off with some of our grown ups visiting us and they helped us explore our creative side. We have done lot's of baking, which included buns, cheese straws and scones (they were all very yummy). We celebrated Children in Need by wearing our pyjamas for the day. Through the month of December we had a cheeky visitor from the North Pole, who kept getting up to mischief when we weren't looking. All  finished off with our Christmas party where we made a party hat, ate some scrummy treats and played party games. We hope you have a lovely Christmas and wish you all a Happy 2019 !!

Christmas Creations 

The children have been very busy building on their cutting and creative skills. They have made fantastic trees and snowmen made from 2D shapes and reindeers using scissors and different joining materials. We love how the different Rudolphs have red noses made of different materials. 

Ready Steady Go...

Today we have had lots of fun learning about ordinal numbers. The children worked together to create a track for five children to race, they then helped put the numbers in order on the wall in the right order. The children raced on the bikes and the children watching had to put them in the right order of who finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, how lovely are your branches...

This amazing wooden world was created by one child. Can you see the people standing around the pond that has a fountain in the middle? WOW!

Independent Learners

F2 have amazed us this week with their creative building, coin sorting and matching, secret message writing and Rudolph making. We know this time of year is exciting but you have remembered to make good choices and take care of each other and our classroom. 

Shape Shenanigans 

We have had so much fun this week exploring 2D shapes during our maths sessions. We have made our own shapes, made a rectangle as big as a bed and even created Rudolph. 

Number Explorers

We have had so much fun exploring numicon and finding different ways to make the same total. We have used animals, sorting fields, our light box and numicon to help us. Some of us were very clever and even wanted to write down what we found ...

We had lots of fun in our pyjamas and we hope we raised lots of money for Children in Need. We had fun painting, baking, dancing and bowling.

We have been busy working together to explore how we can move water from one place to another. We discovered that water can move things at different speeds and that water pressure can move big and small objects. 

We have loved using planks and plant pots to create our own play house. 


We have been enjoying this book where the character is constantly asked what are you doing with that stick? Our imaginations mean that our sticks can be anything we like, just like the story. Have a look at our 'Not a stick' creations...

Sharing Books

Completely engrossed and fascinated by books- we love this! I could not get enough dino facts and I loved it so much that I asked for this book out the next day too (it belongs to Mrs Fitzpatrick and is so big it that it doesn't fit on the shelf. I was also keen to tell my friend my favourite dino facts and show him how scary the teeth are, even though they are only plant eaters!

Transient Art & Design

We decided that we wanted to use the light box resources to create designs on the carpet.

Working together we created sparkly spirals, flowers and snakes. We worked hard to listen to the ideas of others and to share the resources.  

Designers, Architects and Builders

Just look at this incredible building, it has turrets, towers, bedrooms and even windows that have different coloured glass. Designing and constructing with a purpose in mind, working together collaboratively and adapting our work as we go along. Changing our design and enhancing it as our ideas change- WOW! 

We were so proud of our work we made a sign to say, keep off! As we wanted to return to it after lunch.

Ready Steady Spray Bingo

Look at the amazing fun we have had today! We have been developing our listening skills, fine motor skills and our understanding of letters, shapes and numbers. Both F1 and F2 children had lots of fun and were fantastic. 


Amazing Autumnal Art

We have been trying out observational drawing and painting and this week we have enjoyed looking closely at pumpkins and different coloured squash. We spotted lots of detail to add to our pictures, speckles, lines, knobbly stalks, and lots of beautiful autumn colours. 

Terrific Technology

We have been learning how to use programmable toys and this week we have been set the challenge of thinking about which route our robots will take to get from one obstacle to another. These children decided to construct a very long tunnel- but how many times would they need to select the forward function that would allow Constructabot to get all the way through? 

They worked together to estimate. At first they said '5', he got stuck in the middle of the tunnel and had to be rescued. They started again, 'this time we need even more, 10" he came to a stop almost near the end of the tunnel, 'we still need more, we need past 10 even"

We found out that it takes 13 moves forward to get Constructabot all the way through that tunnel. Great team work and incredible estimating. 

Read Write Inc relay anyone?

 Mrs Fitzpatrick's group have been learning some very tricky sounds that we call 'special friends' this week. They are special because whenever they stand next to each other they make a new sound. So far we have explored the digraphs  'sh' 'ch' 'th' and 'qu'. Today we played a relay race game- choose a picture card, put it in the correct hoop and then tag your friend.

We were amazing of course!

Amazing Architects

Just look at this amazing castle. It has a moat and a special walk way for visitors to cross over the water. Look how carefully he is consulting his castle design. Talking about our designs helped us to pick the bricks that were the best shape. We discovered that cylinders make the best towers.

Amazing Architects

This week our focus has been constructing with a purpose in mind. We looked at different buildings and the places we would like to live. The children had to design their own building and then select suitable materials and resources to build it. You know things are serious when a pencil goes behind the ear! 

"This is my block of flats and it has 54 levels. I live at the top and to get there you need to go on the elevator. Look I have used these measurers to make the elevator that can take you up"

Design and Build

Just look at this amazing robot. Very careful design and then selection of the correct shaped resources "i need a circle for his head". Another budding designer we think, great work.

F2 have had a very busy autumnal kind of week. We used lots of different materials to create our own pictures and patterns. Just look at this amazing picture of circles, starting with a small one and getting bigger. 

A huge welcome back to children in F1, both old a new. They have done really well at settling in and getting to know each other. We have been very busy having fun and exploring our new learning environments over the past couple of weeks.

Light & Shadow Learning Adventure

This week we noticed that if we stand in front of the smart board the projector creates our shadow on to the board. We have some colourful blocks in our building area and some children were holding these up to the board to see what happened. We wanted to make shadow buildings, but the bricks were too low down on the floor. How could we make them higher? "Lets gets a table"...still not high enough, "lets gets bricks and build a tower until it is high enough"...

Just look at the result, stunning! Well done F2 for your collaborative working and problem solving. We really do have some budding scientists in our class. 

The Brick Machine...

The learning focus in our construction area this week was:

To construct with a purpose in mind...

To manipulate materials to achieve a planned effect...

Well we think this group of boys have definitely our expectations don't you? They discovered that the bricks slide down the wooden road tracks we have. They lay them on the floor at first and tried to fit bricks between them. "We could stand them up like ladders" "Yeah and you drop the bricks down, it can be a brick machine" "Yeah a brick machine for making really tall towers" "Towers that are bigger than us even!"

We have been incredibly busy in F2 and here are just some of the pictures of our learning so far. We have explored colour and colour mixing with different types of brushes and tools. We have created our own colours with powder paint. We have explored shape and worked together to create different homes and buildings. We have been very busy writing names, words. letters and numbers. Creating patterns on the light box and even a maze on the iPad. We have acted out stories and rhymes, been building outside and even had time for counting, sorting, ordering numbers- phew, it's hard work in full time school you know!

F1 and F2 2018-19


A huge well done to all of the children who have settled well into our setting. It is nice to welcome new faces into F1 and into F2. The children who stay at school all day have settled well and we are very proud of them (and their parents, there were not many tears this year)

We have been very busy exploring our new learning areas and hope to share as much of this as possible with you on this page. Please check in as much as you can. We will share learning links here with you that you can use to support learning at home. We also look forward to welcoming you all to our learning morning and afternoon sessions this term.