Welcome to Key Stage 2 2019-20

Mrs White's group have been very busy today. They have designed and created beautiful bird feeders from old milk containers. They are hung outdoors and now they are waiting for the birds to come along and use them.

Over the last two weeks, Class 6 have been learning about states of matter. So far we have learned that everything can be sorted into a solid, liquid or gas. We then searched for these on the playground and managed to find many solids (including each other) and even found some liquids (rain puddles). We  then acted like the particles that make up different states of matter. Then we explored gases and learnt that although we can't see them, they are very much there. We loved using the parachute to see how air resistance works and linked this to everyday.

 Have a look at the pictures below!

Class 6 Science Investigation!

Continuing with our learning about states of matter, we have conducted our first experiment this year. Using: a ruler, string and two balloons, we were able to investigate gases and the air a little more.

Today we learnt that air is 'something' and that it has weight. We used a ruler to tie two deflated balloons to each end and held the ruler in the middle. We soon realised that they were equally weighted. We then took one balloon off, used lots of puff to blow it up and then reattached it to the ruler. When we held it in the middle this time, the ruler was heavier at one side than the other because it had become unbalanced. This led us to realise that air can be quite heavy! Take a look at our photos.


Have a look below to see our fantastic learning in Key Stage 2.

Take a look at Year 6 on their trip to Crucial Crew. This is where we took part in a number of different scenarios such as

  • what to do in a house fire
  • a court room and a prison cell
  • knife crime
  • arson
  • first aid
  • CCE
  • road safety
  • how to travel on a bus safely

We had a fabulous day and learned so much.

Class 7 love our shared reading in the library with Class 2. We are very impressed with their reading skills and thoroughly enjoy reading a variety of books to them. 

Thank you to all of our parents who attended our KS2 learning morning.

We really enjoyed tackling our our team maths challenges in Year 4, 5 and 6; it was great to be able to share our skills with everyone who could attend. 

Marvellous Maths in Class 7 today.

We worked really hard solving balancing equations. Not only did we apply our addition and subtraction skills efficiently and confidently, we used our inverse operation skills to then work out the missing numbers in some tricky number sentences.

It was great to welcome everyone back for another fun-filled and hard working half term. 

What fabulous team work and problem solving skills in our science work!

Our aim was to use a range of science equipment and household objects to remove a range of different sized particles from water in order to make it as clean as possible.

We found that filtering was not as easy as we first thought and the best results were found when teams used a double filtration system and had a lot of patience. 

Check out this talented lady!!

Yesterday, in our history lesson, we were learning about the Picts and how they used to carve Pictish symbols into standing stones. These were used to name places in prehistoric Britain. The Picts also used a writing system called Ogham and we practiced writing our names in this way. 

After that, we designed our own standing stone with our name in Ogham on one side and Pictish symbols on the other. We plan to make these tomorrow, but this morning this proactive member of Class 6 showed us that she has made one already at home!

Great effort :)

Last week in Class 6 we have recapped our learning on verbs and adverbs.

Mrs Gollick gave us the challenge of picking a verb then acting it out in front of our friends who then had to guess the verb and the adverb. For example: eating quickly or reading carefully. 

Have a look below at the photographs and see if you can guess the verb and adverb that we are acting out. 

We had a lot of fun doing this! 

Class 5 have been perfecting their straw blowing techniques in order to create some weird and wacky alien shapes! Take a look below.

We really enjoyed learning about Roman Numerals today in maths. Some of us even (secretly) enjoyed joining in the song and actions with Mrs Belfield!

What a super-talented young lady we have in our class!  

Great job in your dance gradings, well done.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our science investigations about materials over the last few weeks.

After making our predictions about whether we though the material would float, sink, create a solution or react,  we added each material (salt, sugar, sand, plaster of Paris, glitter, stock cube, powder paint and baking powder) to the same amount of water and carefully observed what happened.

We wrote up our results and then we left the mixtures in the classroom so the water would evaporate.

We learnt that dissolving materials in liquid to form solutions is a reversible change.

We have had a fabulous time discovering the 'flotsam' that washed up into Class 7. 

We have really enjoyed reading David Weisner's book about a boy who discovered incredible secrets held by a barnacle-encrusted camera he found on a day at the beach. We are using the beautiful illustrations from the book to inspire our artwork and our instruction writing. 

Take a look at our discoveries and some of our 'flotsam' sketches.